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Among the many items on the club's to-do list are community-service projects.


Annually in July club members collect school supplies for our communities most vulnerable students in 20 elementary schools. Collection sites were Kmart and Longs Drugs in Kapolei. 


The project was a direct response to concerns about teachers who are increasingly spending more of their own money on school and classroom supplies. A key goal of the project was to assist teachers by giving them the donated supplies to help needy students get ready for their classrooms.


Club members also played a role in the ongoing fight against hunger in our community. The club provided financial support to anti-hunger groups that cater to homeless people in our community. The club's support came at at time when fighting hunger was increasingly becoming a more noble idea as current economic conditions had many families worried that they too could go hungry.


In addition, club members have had a quiet behind-the-scenes hand in promoting literacy in our community by volunteering to read to elementary school students. At the same time, the club's dictionary project has produced encouraging results. Club has distributed thousands of dictionaries to third-grade students in the region.


The outreach follows government reports that show only a quarter of college graduates rate proficient in literacy skills on federal reading surveys. The outreach is also part of our club's push to make a dent in the literacy problem that often starts in homes lacking an emphasis on reading and writing. 


Members have also rallied around the club's efforts to promote healthy vision. Countless third-grade students have benefitted from club-sponsored eye examinations.


On top of all that, club members have been leading efforts to remove graffiti from public property in our community. The cleanup effort is a way of helping to ensure that our community does not fall prey to the menace of graffiti.