We are always looking for new members and those who just want to
help and give back to our community!

Make a Difference in your Community!

The goal of Rotary is to create positive change in our community through a shared passion of service. We use our knowledge of local issues to identify areas of need, then apply our expertise and diverse perspectives to the problem. Our Rotary members are most likely at work in your community right now feeding the hungry, tutoring children, maintaining parks, and more. 
Accompany us on this journey to continue giving back to our Ohana's and Community!
Help to support our Kapolei High School Interact Club! Scan the QR code to donate!
Hey, hey Kapolei! We want to create 500 Genki Balls and we need your help to do it!
Learn WHY the Genki Ball Project is so important and what YOU can do to contribute!
Genki Ball Project

Genki Ball Project 2023

The Ala Wai has been built up with organic debris, waste, and pollutants for years. This does not only affect us on land, but creates a toxic environment for our ocean life below. This is their home too.
To help support this environmental change we would love for you to come out to make the Genki Balls, throw the Genki Balls into the Ala Wai, or Donate $5 to create the Genki Balls!
Saturday, April 8 
We will be creating the Genki Balls here in Kapolei! All donations will be used to buy Genki Ball material and any leftover proceeds will fund Kapolei High School Interact Club future projects!
Saturday, April 22 (2pm - 3pm)
Join us to throw, toss, or drop the Genki Balls we created to help CLEAN the Ala Wai!
Food Distribution

Message of Peace Church is holding a Food Distribution!

Join the Rotary Club of Kapolei and a few of the students from Kapolei High School's Interact Club to help with the Food Distribution.
Time - 6:00am to 9:00am
When - Saturday, April 15
Where - Asing Park (Ewa Beach)
Rotary at Work Day

Niu Now Group

We will be assisting the Niu Now Group, who have been planting coconuts at the West Oahu College campus!
Every last Saturday of April we gather together to participate in local community projects! This is a great way we get to engage with all of the communities members, attract new members, and help raise awareness of Rotary in the community.