Club President's Message
Rotary Club of Kapolei- July 16 Update
Aloha RCK Members! 
I want to than all of you RCK members who attended the installation dinner. From the feedback I received it seemed as though everyone had a good time. There are several people that I need to thank for their help in making the night a success. Thanks Natasha with putting together the program. Thanks Marietta for getting the leis and helping with the planning and set-up. Thanks to my wife Linda for the planning, shopping and decorating. Thanks to DG Del Green for performing the installations. Thanks  Dick, Dan and Bili for your participation. Thanks to Miles Nakatani of MN printing for providing the logo for the name tags. Thanks to Don Arakaki for the sound system.

It appears as though all of the schools participating in the Dictionary Project have been covered. I want to thank everyone for their prompt and generous support of this important project. If you haven't paid yet please give Arlene your check.

I never did get a response regarding the school supplies drive at Longs. It was scheduled for this weekend. However, Kapolei Sunset is seeking our help with their book shipments on Sunday. If you can help please set aside some time in the morning. It will be at the Hawaii Self Storage behind Costco. Details will be provided at the meeting. I will also be contacting Longs to see about scheduling the school supply drive on the last weekend of July. We can also discuss that at the meeting.

This will be the final weekend without the usual breakfast. Natasha has volunteered to provide a continental breakfast.

The school will need our meeting room at 8:30 so I will try to keep up the pace so we can be out on time.  


July Meeting Schedule


July 16: Regular weekly meeting. Speaker will be Senator Mike Gabbard.

July 23: Regular weekly meeting and I believe the cafeteria will be open. Our speaker will be Dan Ashcroft of the Kamahao Canoe Club.

July 30: Regular weekly meeting. Our guest speaker will be Ford Fuchigami, Director of the Dept. of Transportation.

Mahalo to all for your support. If there is any topic you like to learn about, or a speaker you would like to hear, please don't hesitate to let me know, and we will work to get it on the schedule.

Aloha, Jim