Message from the club president

Aloha RCK Members!  This is my first post as the 2014-15 President, and I first want to thank all of you for serving as Rotarians and as members of our club.  All that we do in the coming year in serving our community, and all that we do to have fun, will depend upon us as a team, supporting one another.

Many thanks to Arlene Estrella and to our 2013-14 board for their good work.  Our club is strong and our treasury is in good shape going into the new Rotary year.  Mahalo to all who joined us for the induction dinner, held at the Pacific Aviation Museum on June 24.

Going forward into the new Rotary year, we will work to have interesting and exciting meetings, and I solicit your thoughts on what you would like to see.  I am working to line up relevant speakers for many of our meetings, and we will send an e-mail blast each week to keep you up to date.

I look forward to your meaningful contribution to our club's success.  Here are a few highlights for the upcoming month:

  • July 10:  The school cafeteria is closed.  We propose a pau hana, very informal, and will soon announce the time and location.  This is just a time for fellowship and a chance to invite a friend or co-worker to meet our membership. 

  • July 16:  We will hold our annual board meeting with our new District Governor, Laura Steelquist.  She will conduct a meeting with each of the Hawaii Rotary Clubs, so has a really busy schedule, but she is a really supportive leader and fun to be with.  Tentatively, the meeting will begin at 6 PM and will be at the Seven Palms restaurant at the Navy/Marine Golf Course on Valkenburgh Street near the airport.  You do not need a military ID to attend and to eat at the facility.  We will send a final notice to all board members once we have confirmed the restaurant, but for all of our board, please mark the date and make every effort to attend. 

  • July 17:  This will be our regular Thursday meeting and is our annual club meeting with District Governor Laura Steelquist.  She is an excellent speaker, the meeting will be fun, and if you can only make one meeting in the next few weeks, please attend this one.

  • July 24:  The school cafeteria is closed again this week, and we are working to set up a breakfast and tour of the Barber’s Point Coast Guard Air Station.  They always have an interesting tour and a good and inexpensive breakfast.  More details to follow when firm.

  • Speaker Update:  In the near term, we expect to host Gov. Abercrombie as a speaker.  Our plan is to invite key political figures who can talk with us about their past contribution to our community.  As background, we are as an organization non-partisan and apolitical.  Therefore, speakers have been asked not to campaign but to outline their service to our community.  We encourage you to attend and to bring a friend, but do ask that we treat all speakers with courtesy and avoid political debate in our question and answer period.  Our goal is to keep us informed as community members and leaders.

Mahalo to all for your participation and support.  We are off to a good start in the new Rotary year.