Residents and employees in Kapolei and the Ewa plain area are somewhat more transient in nature than in other sections of Oahu.  So, the club has an attrition rate that is reasonably predictable each year.  By adding 10-12 new members in 2011, the club can be reasonably sure that a net of six members will result, more than meeting our 10 percent goal.


The two most common methods of recruitment are referral by a current member, who usually also acts as sponsor, and drop-in, often because of local publicity.  The club believes that these methods are reliable into the future and better than any social event designed to attract candidates.  The quality of our speakers, meetings, esprit de corps and projects are what attract and retain membership.


The club has around 40 members, down from a high mark of more than 70.  In the club's estimation, the membership wants to be only as large as it needs to be in order to complete successfully the programs for service we take on.


While the west Oahu community is more transient, club members believe that there are steps that they can take to ensure that members feel connected to the club and, thus, likely to remain members as long as they live and/or work in the area. These include:

  • High quality service programs that people feel good about doing and are effective.
  • Members' moments, where members share with the entire club information and insights about themselves, i.e. education, occupation, favorite activities, little known facts.
  • Opportunities for fellowship with other members in interest subgroups or focused activities like a play or a baseball game attended together.
  • Members sitting at different tables each week to get to know more than their usual circle.

 Ultimate strategies 

  1. Build our local community by establishing strategic alliances with schools, businesses and the Chamber of Commerce to advance the well-being of the Kapolei region.
  2. Give good reason to members for their gifts of time, the most precious gift
Achieve the 20% minimum threshold where every member participates in 20% to 50% of the activities.