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The club has renewed its focus on international service. That is largely due to the efforts of a handful of members who remain extremely committed to volunteering their service abroad. As a result, the club's international volunteering is increasing in scope and significance around the world.


For example, the club regularly participates in annual humanitarian missions aimed at wiping out polio abroad, where the fight is proving tougher than expected as the disease's demise appears tantalizingly near.


Our members have helped provided much of the legwork, muscle and brainpower to make the drive to eradicate polio worldwide successful as annual vaccination campaigns continue to show signs of progress.


In addition, the club has played a key role in eliminating threats to water purity in such foreign countries as Ethiopia. Our involvement in this effort stemmed from concerns about the country's supply of clean water being seriously threatened, in part, because of outdated water treatment and sewage systems in need of repairs.